Register To Vote/Update Information


The 13th General Election is now water under the bridge. If you have not registered to vote either because you are eligible and have not registered or you will be eligible to register soon, its time for you to go out and register yourself to vote. The standard practise is to start scrambling when you know when the election is going to be held and then going out to check if you are registered and if your information is up to date.

Why wait? 

It’s never too early to sort your self out but it can be too late if you wait.

To be eligible as a voter, you need to be:-
● A Malaysian citizen
● 21 years old and above
● Not disqualified in accordance with the laws of Malaysia

You can register at one of our voter registration counters around Klang Valley and some part of Malaysia . Just bring along your IC (MyKad). The registration process takes only 5 minutes.

If you are registered and you need to change your address, do it NOW! There is sufficient time to get your changes done and for it to reflect to vote in your new constituency. To change your address you can drop SPR an email HERE

You can also register at the Election Commission states offices and nationwide computerized pos offices. For more information about voter registration, visit Election Commission website here.

SPR Website and Offices where you can visit to register
Check your details via SPR


It is your right to vote and you should vote, the future of the nation is in your hand and this is probably your only opportunity to make a contribution towards the future of the nation. Your choice is your right so vote wisely and make sure you vote!