That time of the year again when new resolutions are drawn up and some goals are put in place to guide thru the new year.

Most of us try to draw up that list which we look or loose by the next one and wonder, ok.. where did the year go. It was a pretty good year for me , managed to achieve most that was on my list but its that time again to look at what i want to make of 2011.

Just a few tips if you are even planning to do so 

1) Be real, the realistic one only please! put down some simple ones that you know you can achieve and some which are a tad harder.

2) Write them down, or store it online somewhere. You need to have a visual of what you need to do/achieve.

3) Do some good, help those in need. Choose a cause and help out, doesn’t have to be money.

4) Include something for the family, small trip or at least a little gift for the ones you are closest to you.

5) Revisit your resolutions mid way.

Gives the whole year some perspective. Some may think its unnecessary but i think its important for me at least. We complain about how time flies, i don’t want it to fly by without something out of it. You don’t need to share it with the world, its personal so do it on your own and work on it.

Again .. Write it down!

Have you started planning?