Revolusi 48


Local filmmakers who make movies that i personally enjoy are a dime a dozen. Fahmi Redza who makes documentaries about our history is definitely one of them. His previous production of 10 tahun sebelum merdeka which re-visits our history was brilliant in my view.

He is at it again in his new production called Revolusi 48! Apparently the documentary is not out yet but i cant wait to watch it when its out! He does his research and revisits out history and shows it in such a superb way that every Malaysian must watch! The part that im impressed most is the research, he digs the details by looking up war hero’s and those who were there for interviews to tell the stories the way it happened which is superb!

Watch the trailer


Thank You Fahmi for making such brilliant documentaries and i wish you all the best in every single production you undertake!I urge all readers to head on to his blog to stay in touch with his updates of his latest documentary and when its out, watch it!! If you want to be informed about the release, drop a email to with the header, Aku mau revolusi

PS- Cant wait to watch the new one! 🙂