RM2 For Chicken Rice

I saw this superb article on the star today about a chicken rice shop in Ipoh who sells a plate of chicken rice for only RM2!!Lee Hon Guoon is the owner of this chicken rice shop in  Jalan Yang Kalsom here, sells his chicken rice at RM2 per plate to help lighten the burden of those who come to his shop for a meal.

I think this a great approach by Lee who is reducing the price to help everyone during hard times and in return im sure he makes a decent living from the quantity that he sells. Good deal in my view!!

Gone were the days when food used to be so cheap and you could get good food without hurting the pocket.People are now dieting not by choice but by the tune of their wallets, which is pretty depressing if you ask me!!

To give you a simple example, a mamak stall near where i work sells a cup of coffee for RM1.80!! I think that’s extremely expensive for a cup of coffee!! Maybe its time i re-evaluate my lifestyle because its become just too expensive, unless shop owners learn a thing or two from the “chicken rice man”

You can read the whole article by the star below

IPOH: Going against the trend of skyrocketing prices, a chicken rice seller here is keeping it affordable.

Lee Hon Guoon, 47, who owns a stall at a restaurant in Jalan Yang Kalsom here, sells his chicken rice at RM2 per plate.

“As a consumer, I understand how the soaring prices of items have affected the people,” he said when met at his stall yesterday

“This is the least I can do to help lighten my customers’ burden,” he said.

Lee said he sold the RM2 chicken rice from 4pm daily, until his stall closed at night.

“From the time I open my stall at 10am until 4pm, I sell my chicken rice at RM2.50 a plate, which is still considered affordable,” he added.

Lee said he was still able to make some profit, adding that his pricing had attracted many customers.

“Those who feel that my chicken rice is reasonably priced will return with their friends.

“On a good day, I can sell about 40 birds,” said Lee, adding that he was usually sold out by 8pm.

Lee said a whole chicken now costs between RM5 and RM7 a kilo.