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RPK Sent To Kamunting

This is a truly sad day for all Malaysians and a severe dent to the freedom of speech .RPK will be sent to the Kamunting Detention Center in Taiping, Perak today to begin his two-year detention under the Internal Security Act.

Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar had signed his detention order last night for the blogger to be held without trial under section 8(1) of the tough security law. Under the Act, the government can renew his detention indefinitely.

There was 1 brave blogger who revealed a lot of information without any fear and those allegations were never investigated by any party but he was slammed into a corner and put into detention without trial to keep him quiet.

RPK will join the Hindraf 5 at Kamunting the other detainee’s who have been detained under this horrible piece of law. Sick! THIS IS THE DARK SIDE OF MALAYSIA.

I’m wondering how come Raja Petra’s allegations were not investigated and brought to the court of law? How come whenever a case is filled against the ruling govt, we don’t hear about it?

Mr Syed Hamid, how do you sleep at night?