Russell Peters Notorious KL Show

The wait to watch the comedian that i have been following for years ended last night. It was Russell Peter’s second and finals show in Malaysia last night. Judging from how the first show went, I couldn’t wait to watch Russell Peters hit the stage to dish out his comedy.

Being a weekend, the traffic was under control. The organizers did extremely well by placing their staff all over the venue to guide the crowd thru collecting their tickets and getting to their seats.

We were lucky to get our selves some very good tickets on the South Entrance which was on right side of the stage. The was the same announcement that kept repeating again and again reminding the crowd not to record or use any electronic devices during the show or they will be ejected.

Taking the stage first was DJ Spinbad . He played a 30 minute set on the decks and i love his performance. It was very evident that he was all about the music unlike many deejay’s who are about the showmanship.

Next up was Andrew Netto, a local act who came out to kick-start the show. He was very good! With the local touch i was impressed and will be checking out his full shows soon!

Up next was Russell Peters official opening act for his Notorious Tour, Joey Medina . Joey Medina is a very funny guy, a former boxer who fought many tittle fights , which he obviously didn’t win according to Russell Peters .. so he ended up in comedy :p

Finally Russell Peter’s toke on the stage! The crowd went crazy to see him hit the stage. While there was some fear that he might come out with the same jokes that we are used too. Boy did he live up to expectations! The whole set was brand new and jokes and content that we have not heard about! As usual the first row had it coming. A blond Malaysian, the big Bhupinder Singh (who he became very fond off and started calling him “Bhup) and the group of 3 students from Zambia was regular targets! It was awesome! He even sneaked in a few swipes at Singapore which got the crowd going crazy!

No spoilers from me but the show was worth every single cent! I will definitely be buying the Official DVD from this tour which should be out later this year. If you are contemplating this show, don’t think twice!