Same Script Different Outcome

Children and Adults Making Way Into PM's Open House

Children and Adults Making Way Into PM

Hindraf has been back in the front line lately with the whole PM’s open house “biadap” episode with police now in the equation to add to their misery. Before i get into how a the same script had 2 different outcome ,let me share a something which i found pretty amusing.

K Shanthi , the wife of Hindraf chairperson P Waythamoorthy, Hindraf information chief S Jayathas and Selangor coordinator K Tamilselvam were interrogated today for illegal assembly under Section 27 (5) of the Police Act, as well as trespass under Section 447 of the Penal Code.

What illegal assembly and what trespass? It was a open house for heavens sake!

Anyway…back to the script

Scenario 1

Hindraf visited the PM’s open house during Hari raya. Like any bunch of friends who want to go for a open house, they gathered at a point and went in together. The difference between the rest, they wore similar attire and they had a gift for the PM which was a home made Raya card, a teddy bear and letter for the PM.

So they go for the PM’s open house, they were greeted by the police who tried to stop them, interrogate them, confiscate the card(damaging in the process) and hence caused a commotion. That naturally was not the prettiest of sights and eventually didn’t turn out as planed.

Ok..Now you may think that i was not there and how can i say what happened. True, but thanks to the power of the Internet there is a recording of what happened at the PM residence which you can see for your self on what really happened.

Part 1 Part 2

Now you tell me what you saw there?! There were children, old,young and in a nutshell Malaysians who wanted to see the PM like the rest of those attending the open house. If the police who are on the payroll that yours and my tax money is from stops,instigates & aggravates .What kind of outcome are you really expecting? Im suprised at the way it was handled and more than that.. The reports that came out of it which made those dressed in orange look like trouble makers!

Ok now lets look at the exact same script in a different scenario

Scenario 2

The exact same group visited Dato Sri Anwar’s PKR Hari Raya open house last weekend at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman at Kg Baru. Like the previous open house, the group met outside the venue where they were chatting up the other Malay friends wishing them Selamat Hari Raya with the passerby’s wishing them the same and some chanted “Makkal Sakhti” in the process.How do i know you may ask? I was there! 🙂

Hindraf greeted by law makers

Hindraf greeted by law makers

They were greeted outside by YB S Manikavasagam and YB Zuraidah Kamaruddin and eventually started making way into the venue of the celebrations

Hindraf making way to greet the pkr leadership

Hindraf making way to greet the pkr leadership

As they were walking in there were applause for them and the other Malaysians were chanting Makal Sakhti and Hindraf wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya. They go in and greet the Pkr leaders and when DSAI and Datuk Seri Wan Azizah came out to greet them after finishing their prayer.They then handed DSAI the Raya card,gift and a letter they moved out of the main canopy area where they some went to get some food to eat while others enjoyed the company of friends that were there as well.

Hindraf Group Photo

Hindraf Gathering outside before going in

They then toke some pictures with together at the field with a brilliant view of KLCC behind it together with some of the law makers and left the event.

I witnessed the proceedings and it was very peaceful,light hearted,fun and very Malaysian! There was no drama and everyone went back happy!

Contrasting difference isn’t it??

It was the exact same script but 2 very very different outcome. If you were at the Kelab Sultan Sulaiman that day and didn’t know that it was a Raya open house, you would have thought it was a Merdeka party or something because everyone was having a great time. The food that was served was muhibah! There was a very good mix of friends that were there as well!

Well there you have it!

You decide and tell me what your thoughts are after reading the 2 events and the outcome of the events.

My view is that we should definitely be tolerant towards people grievances and needs. We cannot ignore them jsut because they are not the majority or just because they are a threat to a certain group. I’m praying that things get better for the sake of the nation because we are all Malaysians and we are one!

One Malaysia