Sepang F1 – 2 Late

Ferrari are back to winning ways with Alonso went in front after the red flag and held on to his position right till the chequered flag. It was a pretty dull race for me with the rain becoming a spoiler, the second time in the last few years. The last time the rain hit the race was in 2010 when the race was totally washed off.

This time around the race had to stop after about 8 laps for about nearly an hour before going on right till the end completing the entire race.

Hope that the organizers move the race back to the original 2pm time slot which will give the race more hope of survival if the rain decides to hit. I understand that the slot was moved to accommodate the European audience but then again, i think that if the European’s want to watch the race, they will get up a couple of hours earlier like the rest of the world does to when they need to watch a sporting event at a different time zone.