Shoe For Bush


The journalist stood up but instead of asking a question he just threw both of his shoes in quick succession to the US president who successfully evaded both.
According to reports, the footwear-hurler was was television reporter Munthar Zaidar of Al Baghdadia TV. Zaidar had covered events in Sadr City extensively and had lost several relatives in the conflict. He was also recently kidnapped and tortured in a three-day ordeal.

If you watch CNN or BBC, they have put a fantastic spin on the story, it goes something like this: “Sure the image of someone throwing a shoe at Bush is bad but the fact that the man lived to tell the tale shows just how free Iraq is right now.


The BBC interviewed people on the ground and the few Iraqis they met agreed with the shoe thrower in wanting Bush and the Americans out of their country.

Apparently the white house doesn’t think the image will seriously damage Bush’s legacy.

What legacy?

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