Sivarasa Cant Speak Tamil, Big Problem?

PETALING JAYA: There are rumblings on the ground about PKR vice-president R. Sivarasa’s inability to speak Tamil – and this may be a liability for the leader in the party elections at the end of the year.

Bukit Beruntung/Bukit Sentosa Indian Community Association vice-president N. Nadaraja said the post should be held by a leader who could speak fluently in Tamil.

Source : TheStar images

This news piece reminds me of how “mature” we are politically. So what if he cant speak tamil? Seriously! Yes maybe he might have difficulty communicating with certain quarters BUT there are many others who can fill that void. For me if one wants to be in a position to lead, he must have the drive, the passion and the know how.

Seriously, we cant be choosing who leads and who doesn’t based on the language they speak or even political alliance( that’s a bit of a long shot since we live in a country where those in power hold on to it with dear life).

This is stupid, absolutely stupid!

On a separate note, it wont be a bad idea learning some tamil ha Mr.Sivarasa, just to get even with these shallow pricks.