There is a new kid on the block, Microsoft has launched their own social space and its called (Social).

As soon as i signed up it showed me my facebook friends who are on , yes all 2 of them. Obviously not many know of the network yet but surely it will pick up pace in the coming weeks. The first thing i did was a status message that said “another social network” and i got this response from Steven who is an engineer from Microsoft’s Fuse Labs :’s similar to a lot of other sites in that you can create posts, follow people, and use apps. Our post building’s a little different because on you start your posts with a search related to the topic of your post. We do that because we think starting with a search lets you make your post richer by adding links, photos, and videos to the post. This seems a little strange at first because we’re used to thinking about search as a “utility” that’s used to find stuff and that’s normally a very private thing. But here we’re using search as a “communication” tool so the things you’re likely to search for are the things you would have said anyway. So the privacy aspects of search in this context are less of an issue. With that said, just like with any form of public communication you need to think about what you search for before you do it.

Doesn’t look like its competing against the facebook’s and the other boys in this social network space when signup’s using facebook is allowed. Its work in progress, some sources say that its targeted to students but you how something that is targeted always opens its doors, if its successful of course.