Social Media ‘Experts’


This is an interesting one. Throw a stone and you will probably hit a social media expert of some sort. The emergence of the Facebook, twitter, YouTube has totally changed the landscape of how businesses are run, non profits reach out to get their cause at large and even individuals find love or basically achieve pretty much achieve what ever goals you might have.

This is what i think, socially everyone has an opinion. There are very few that are down right confused (and will confuse you) and many that are awesome! Like us beings, each are different and need to be nurtured differently. Knowing what your broad goals are is a great and important starting point. Don’t be overly concerned if you find the goal post changing as you go on, and it should. As you go on the journey you will realize that the car isn’t tuned the right way and some fine tuning will be required to reach the destination on a timely manner.

There are many ‘experts’ and some experts around as well. I believe that you should engage with individuals or subject matter experts to achieve the micro goals that will help you achieve the bigger goals. That way you know that the details are addressed to perfection and you are doing your best to device a robust plan that ticks on the boxes.

I personally don’t think it should be too complex, it needs to be simple and has crystal clear goals which you can go out and achieve to win the big prize  .. what ever that is 🙂