Sound Horn Please

Have you been annoyed to the fact the vehicles in most parts of India (if not all) constantly honk while they are on the road? I have been to India twice, once about 15 years ago when i first experienced it and got very irritated that they don’t use their signal but their horn like their vehicles would stop if they didn’t honk.

I was in India recently and this time i paid closer attention to why the horn was so important in India. Turns out there is a logical explanation for it.

Most roads are single lanes and poor condition (at least everyone i have been on). What would take you about 15 minutes from where ever you came from (with a caveat that the road conditions are as bad or worst where you come from) would take about an hour. This is either due to the poor roads, traffic or simple because the speed limit is 60km/h, apparently it has been increased to 100km/h in major cities.

Now you can’t expect everyone to just follow the traffic, especially if you are stuck behind a truck carrying fuel.

Drivers in India are smart. They have a system, unspoken one. They help each other by giving way and to even as much as look out for the car that is trying to overtake them. During my last trip, i asked my driver the logic of the continuous honking and he told me that other vehicles probably get angry if you didn’t horn. 

In some instances, the driver in front of you would not let you through because he has a better sight of the coming traffic and will signal (using his hand) for you to go past when its safe to do so. You might find them honking when there are no vehicles in sight, this is because the area is sometimes prone to animals crossing so this gives the animals heads up that there is a car coming by.

Considering the circumstance, its genius!

So the next time you’re in India, watch your driver and your surroundings and you’ll see what im talking about.

*This post is based on my own observation and some info i got from my driver, do you know another reason why they honk so much?