Suarakami Concert : Nelly Drama

Last night, 17th of September was the Suarakami Concert which was held at Stadium Merdeka. This concert which featured in the infamous Malaysian Boy song amongst a host of local and International artist. There was an eventful concert indeed with the PM making a surprise visit from a invitation on twitter. One piece of drama that which was very interesting was with Nelly. The international artist made some headlines with his twitter remarks which stirred things up. It all started with this one :

Nelly was obviously not aware of Malaysians and did not do his home work prior to coming to Malaysia.

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Realising his mistake, he was quick to apologize that he didn’t know that English was the second language

And right after that, the “defenders of the pride of Malaysia” decided to come out to play, unfortunately they we obviously not thinking while their crazy fingers started dishing out embarrassing tweets that would come back to bite their behinds. This is one of the many :

A very quickly the table got turned against the “defenders of Malaysia” :

You would think that the defenders of Malaysia would have realized that it was a genuine mistake and left it where it was but NOPE, they had to come out and make us proud

And we of course some that who didn’t agree with the above :

I think that this is un called for. Nelly obviously didn’t do his homework before saying anything in such a public domain but credit to him, he quickly corrected himself and apologized. I think that we have become a tad too anal, its like we lived in a perfect world where no one makes any mistakes. Thinking before saying something/twitting is very important, 98% of people in US don’t speak Malay? Where did that stat come from?

Looks like the millions spent by the government and the tourism ministry to bring in tourist needs a further dimension as to educating the world about Malaysia. Many still think that we are that space between Thailand and Singapore.

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