Thank You PDRM

I would like to thank the Polis Di-raja Malaysia for the massive jam’s it cause today on the federal highway. You not only blocked out a lane with a flurry of cops standing and doing absolutely nothing, you managed to cause a jam that made the federal highway look like a huge car park.

Imagine the amount of wasted fuel that has been burnt this morning (at RM2.70 a litre) productive hours which you have made possible and money the country would have lost just this morning. We understand that Anwar Ibrahim is a massive threat to the Barisan Nasional government,however it should be dealt in a much much better way without causing so much damage to the rest of the nation.

How to handle it you may ask? Im not sure..Your the professional with access to “intelligence” (ie blogs), so please go figure!

For what its worth, you have done a great job in your efforts to bring the nation to a stand still almost 20km away from the Jalan Duta courts, what else closer.

But then again..we are a rich nation so we do have lots of resources and money to blow while the real criminals are lurking around looking for which child to kidnap next, how much drugs to smuggle and which poor female to snatch!
Malaysia Boleh!