The Approach To Anti-Piracy

When i was younger, when my parents told me NOT to do something.. Thats exactly what i wanted to do! Its human nature, the forbidden fruit taste the best doesn’t it? So in “Malaysia Democratic” style, 10 file sharing sites were blocked by all local ISP under the instruction of MCMC .

Reason of blocking : The websites violated copyright law. The decision made by the regulatory body to block 10 file-sharing websites in its effort to combat piracy. The websites are mostly used to download pirated content including movies, TV shows and music.

I can understand the logic behind piracy and yes it is considered stealing but for me the approach was all wrong! The more you tie someone’s hands the more innovative they get in trying to release that knot to access freedom again! I did a search online to check out the list of blocked sites and i found more results of HOW TO ACCESS the sites rather then the links to the sites. I rest my case!

Have a look at the video below :

This is a video that was broadcasted in Australia to educate, i feel that the authorities should get innovative and come out with many of such advertisements to educate the masses. It will eventually play on people and with that providing access to original media at affordable prices so that there will not be a need for piracy in my honest opinion.

Its not a short term process but education is something that is continous and you need to be persistant to educate people. I feel the approach is just wrong and it will never fix the problem. Look at what the current approach has caused Malaysia, Operation Malaysia .Was it even necessary ? Will we ever learn?