Things You Probably Should Not Worry About

When you analyse what takes up your brain space you will discover that very often the stuff that takes up most of valuable time is things that have very little or absolutely no bearing on you as an individual. Here is some of the most common ones

Other people’s expectations for your life
Just in case you have lost perspective, this is your life! You should listen to ideas and thoughts which ultimately puts you in a position to make your own decisions and the consequences that come with that. Stop worrying about what others think about you and the way you should live your life. Time to think more about ourselves instead of what others think about us

How other people live
This is another big one, we often find ourselves drowning in jealousy and envy of what others have or the quality of life that they enjoy.Decisions that others make has no bearing on your life and wont change yours so that energy could be spent on more productive things, ie – yourself

Being right
In the professional environment that we live in, we are expected to be right most of the time. Many companies actually encourage you to experiment or ‘to think outside the box’. Try it, there are others that are waiting to penalize you for failure. The struggle should be about the ultimate goal and collaboration which result in innovative ways to perform a certain task which develops both the company and the individuals. Stop being Mr.Right or the one with all the answers because if you could do it all, there is no need for others to be given jobs

I don’t get this one, what is Perfection? I don’t think that it exist, its only ones definition of what they think is the closest interpretation to a certain subject. For example, if you are putting out a campaign which you think will be a resounding success ask 5 absolute strangers, you will get very different responses from each of them. Why? We are all different and one size does not fit all. Having said that, i think the best approach is not to be too anal about anything and to take a chill pill. The goal is to do your best which can potentially give you the best results, if it fails ..refer to point “being right”

These are purely my thoughts based on some common reasons on what people spend their time worrying about. It’s not easy but its worth a try 🙂