TX2 : Freeze Tiger Trade



What is Tiger trade?

Poaching and retributive killing, which includes the illegal trade of tiger parts and human-tiger conflict

You can find out more about Tiger Trade Here

With the population of tigers in the wild numbers dwindling , WWF –Malaysia are running the tx2 campaign to try to double the number of tigers in the wild by the next year of the tiger. This year long campaign consist of various efforts to raise awareness get the powers that can do something about the issue to take the matter seriously and achieve this ambitious goal.

As part of the tx2 campaign, WWF-Malaysia are organizing a Flash Mob in efforts to raise awareness about Tiger Trade and to hopefully get the attention of world leaders who will be at the Tiger Summit in Russia in September 2010.

FTTFWhy Flash Mob?

Apart from generating awareness, it’s a call for people to unite and stand together for tigers. In conjunction with World Tiger Day (July 29), we are showing the world that  we care about our wild Malayan tigers and that we support
the Malaysian government to Freeze Tiger Trade

The flash Mob is due to happen on the 30th of June 2010 with details to follow. Head on to the tx2 website and register yourself and interest to participate

You may ask how a Flash Mob will help this cause, my take –> Its a issue that needs tremendous ammount of awareness and attention. When we are aware of the matter, naturally we understand the issue and thus make the right noises for something to be done by your government and leaders.

Its a start and its a good start! Lets all support this effort!!

Log on to to find out more about the tx2 effort and how you can take part and help!  Alternatively you can join WWF-Malaysia on Facebook , Twitter or log on to WWF-Malaysia’s website for more information.