Unifi : Router Log In

When you get your unifi setup, installers normally give you a default password(dir-615 default password)  which is stated behind your router. I was strongly adviced to change this passwords by friends and when i was doing this, realised that i didnt have my internet login password. I should have received a slip that had this password given to me apparently which i didnt get.

So in the process of calling Unifi to get it, i had trouble logging into the router using a web browser.

To log in , enter : and you will be take to the screen shot above

Try logging in using one of the below combinations

UserName : admin
Pass : (Leave it Empty)

UserName : admin
Pass : telekom


UserName : operator
Pass : telekom

UserName : operator
Pass : h566UniFi

BTW – You can get your internet pass from the unifi call center and apparently you cant change this password, YET so keep it carefully just in case