US Vice Presidential Debate

After the 1st round of debates by the President hopefuls Baracks Obama and John McCain the debates now turns its attention to the Vice President hopefuls Joe Biden and Sara Palin. Its a brilliant opportunity for the people of America to watch the vice hopefuls who are the most important people after the president.

If you live in Malaysia its very clear that if the PM does not step up to it, the next in command is key and hence its very important that a right person is elected. After watching the vice presidential debate i like Joe Biden and the Barack Obama combinations. Palin seems to be talking air and i felt that American’s cannot make the mistake of electing the wrong people. I don’t understand how Palin claims that American demand change and Palin-McCain are of the same school of thought of George “Smarty Pants” Bush!

I don’t know if it was a strategic move by McCain to get a women vp candidate because of the popularity she is capable of bringing to his own aspirations?? There are so many brilliant women out there who I’m dead sure can do a better job. Choosing the right people to lead a nation should not be about race,sex or ethinicity but purely based on the capability of leading the nation.

I’m looking forward to watching more debates and appearance by the candidates. As a Malaysian I’m getting so much access and I pray that someday Malaysians too get the opportunity to gauge for who to vote for with candidates coming head to head instead of hiding from the people and using the media to do the work for them.