Video Technology For Football?

After England’s tragic crash out of the World Cup 2010, the excuse that is flying around is that if there was video technology the outcome of the game would have been very different.


Yes! say what you want but if you asked me, i say there should NOT be video technology in football. Why? Incidents like this is why the beautiful game is the beautiful game. It can happen to absolutely anyone. The best referee’s make mistakes! If players who are paid millions can win tournaments and pay perfect games, what are you expecting off referee’s who mostly have full time jobs.

Remember this one?


It was a clear cut goal but it was not given and till TODAY we still talk about that goal. Be as spectacular as it may be, we would have forgotten this goal if not for it being disallowed. For me if the team is worthy of the tittles and the glory,it needs to be good enough to out smart and out play their opponents.

I’m sad that the team that im routing for didn’t progress but no time for sour grapes and lets enjoy the imperfect beautiful game! 🙂