What You See is What You Get?

I remember a sales man who works in a store selling high-end home lights once telling me a story about how an old chinese gentlemen dressed in shorts and singlet once came into his showroom and started looking at the really expensive lights. While his other colleagues ignored him as he looked like someone who couldn’t afford a single bulb, except one who decided to help him and answered all his questions like he was dealing with the usual rich customers who patronize his shop.

A day later, the same old chinese gentlemen came back to the shop, this time well dressed. A few different sales people went scrambling to help him but he asked for the sales person who helped him a few days before and went home spending a cool $300,000 worth of lights for his house.

Turns out the gentlemen is a successful business person who happened to be on his way to the market the day before decided to stop and check out the shop on his way home hence his not so normal appearance. He was annoyed with the way he was treated during his first visit (except the one sales person that helped him) that he came back at his best form to prove a point .

What you see is what you get? I’m not too sure about that!

Today, i saw the below on facebook. Apparently its, The Howard University School of Medicine, making a strong point.


First emotion i got was oh wow.. how deceiving but should you be judging based on how one looks, dresses up or even the way they carry themselves? Then i saw the below comment, which is fair to a certain extend. It’s human nature to treat or to behave a certain way based on what you see first (unless you have some sort of super power to read the person). But then that shouldn’t be the way as well isn’t it?

We don’t know ones background and what the person is to judge anything if you don’t know the person. This is a nudge for me, never judge … There is definitely more than meets the eye..