Why We Need KLIA East

There has been much debate about the proposed new airport at Labu, Negeri Sembilan. Some think that its not practical that the airport moves there and some are sitting on the fence because they simpl dont know enough to make a judgement. Watch this video and you will know exactly why AirAsia is keen on the move to the new Airport. Air Asia’s boss Tony Fernendes explains why!

When you have a small house and too many kids, space becomes a issue and eventually it wont make sense to stay there anymore, worst still when there are nothing around where you stay and the land lord is a pain in the ass who over charges! 🙂

Its their business ,let them decide! As consumers we have options, so why the whining? I Say go get em AirAsia!!

* If worried about how you going to get there when and if the airport moves, don’t you think AirAsia wouldn’t have thought of that variable? Im sure there will be no frills cheap way of you getting there!

* I would love to see how MAS keeps up to the huge airport when AirAsia moves out! Maybe Firefly can move to the LCCT and step up to compete!