Windows 8

The brand spanking new Windows 8 is around the corner in most places. In some countries it’s already available. If you are like me and your company was running on the very heavy and very slow Windows Vista or XP till recently Windows 7 was introduced and feels like it’s a new machine all together, the world is moving fast!

While it might be a long shot till your company gets you on Windows 8, it’s perhaps a good time to upgrade your home pc if you might be in the market for one. If you are still sceptical, it’s a good idea to test drive Win 8 on your existing PC.


Install Win8 developer preview on a virtual box which will give you an opportunity to test the new operating system out without wiping out your existing OS

Oracle VM VirtualBox
Windows 8 Developer Preview ISO file (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows Live ID (for best testing experience, sign up here if you don’t have one)
Internet Connection (for best testing experience)

For detail instruction on how to get this done, check THIS out.

I have tested it out for a few days now and i must say that it’s a different experience from what we are used too but a change that I could get used too very easily. Windows just got pimped! 🙂