Welcome to abinesh.com! This blog has been running since 2007 mostly as a personal space on the web to explore local issues, tech updates and generic matters. 

Version 2 which you are on right now is a bit more focused around a few topics which are have become priority such as Personal Finance, Parenting, Business management, travel and of course tech. 

The postings stem from experiences that have gone through various rounds of changes to a system that i personally feel works for me (and hopefully for you too) will written to be an easy read that triggers you to also explore and experiment with. 

Like the evolution of this blog, everything changes as wisdom kicks in and the little experiences gained in the process, after all the only constant is change isn’t it! 

Hope you enjoy what you read and feel free to reach out if you have ideas, suggestions or even have a different point of view which i would love to hear.