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Miss World 2008 : Ksenia Sukhinova

Ksenia Sukhinova was crowned Miss World 2008, on December 13, in Johannesburg, South Africa. The 21-year-old beauty queen is the second Russian to hold the Miss World title.  She was crowned Miss Russia 2007 on December 14, 2007, and Miss World Top Model on December 3, 2008. 109 contestants competed for this year’s Miss World title, making it the largest turnout in the 58 year history of the pageant. Coming in in Runners up was India’s Parvathy Omanakuttan.

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If You Vote Obama

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtREqAmLsoA If you have not watched the various video’s of what the presidential candidate have got to offer, this is a superb video to tell you what you will get if you voted Obama. This is a must watch! Let me know what you think! Its real, its realistic, its grassroot and its America and the world will only stand to gain

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US Vice Presidential Debate

After the 1st round of debates by the President hopefuls Baracks Obama and John McCain the debates now turns its attention to the Vice President hopefuls Joe Biden and Sara Palin. Its a brilliant opportunity for the people of America to watch the vice hopefuls who are the most important people after the president. If you live in Malaysia its very clear that if the PM does not step up to it, the next in command is key and hence…

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New iPod Launched

The new iPod line announced by CEO Steve Jobs at a press event in San Francisco, which Apple calls “Let’s Rock.” Among other things, Jobs cut the price on the year-old iPod Touch and unveiled a new Nano video player. The new Nano is thinner than previous models and slightly curved. Among other features, the display screen changes orientation from horizontal to vertical depending on how the user holds the device. An 8-gigabyte model costs $150, the same price as…

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