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Barack Obama Tweets

Barack Obama’s presidential re-election campaign announced today that the president himself would be updating his Facebook and Twitter accounts heading into 2012 Fantastic isnt it? Its always easy to get a few people to manage your twitter or any social platform that represents people of authority, understandably with the other important matters taht they have to handle its not something of the highest priority. Some may argue that its because of his re-election campaign. What i like best is how…

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Obama Roasts Trump

So the Obama not born in America that was started by “the Trump” finally put to rest when Obama released his “full version” of his birth certificate, the president decided to toast the Apprentice hot shot which was brilliant! I like to see Trump put is money where his mouth is and go for the top job. Since he has no political experience and likes talking so much. Nice little roasting if you asked me 🙂

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