BBC Panorama : Euro 2012

Picking a venue for a tournament of such magnitude can’t be an easy task. Together with finding the most suitable host, there are other non footballing reasons that in the equation which influences the decision which sometimes may not what common sense would tell you. Remember this, comment and think about it after you have watched the below video. EURO 2012 is going to be joint hosted by Poland & Ukraine which have a reputation for their abusive fans which…

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Lets Get Rid of the HANTU TETEK

May 13 is more than a monkey at our backs but like Prof Azmi Shanom calls it, the Hantu Tetek that has been haunting us for over 40 years now! Its history and they don’t call it history for shit! Time to move on and not fear the reoccur of the black mark in our history! httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWNU_NTv3Pc

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