Google Calculator

How many times have you found your self in a need of a calculator and can’t find your’s and the one in your pc is just too tiny? Here is a cool an option that you can use. Open a browser, if google is not your homepage already .. go to google.com and search calculator and you get this wonderful calculator which you can use straight away. Alternatively, you can bookmark THIS and use it when necessary 🙂

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Are You Paid Enough?

Do you earn what you actually deserve? Personally i think that Malaysians earn way below the right remuneration. In an economy like ours, i think that we should be brought to be in line to the correct pay scale considering the cost of living is not exactly cheap in this part of the world. Found this pretty neat website, payscale.com that you can use by answering a set of simple questions about your current job and it will tell you how…

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