Jose Mourinho

Say what you want about him but the Special One is a tittle that is definitely fitting to this man. José Mário dos Santos Mourinho Félix started off as a young translator to Sir Bobby Robson where he learnt the game. He is such a smart man to take the path that he did.. What he did was become the ‘proxy manager’ where the actual manager didn’t speak the language. He went on to win trophies from all the clubs…

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How To Find A Mentor

Have you ever thought of getting yourself a mentor? It pays to have a helping hand to get ahead in the workplace whether you’re transitioning between roles or switching into a whole new field. Most of us can benefit from having a mentor or sponsor at our back to teach, promote and encourage us. Think of it like real experience guiding you through rather than you figuring it out yourself. I personally know people who have the blessings of finding…

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What Motivates People?

Found this really cool video about What Motivates People. promotional piece for a recently launched book titled “Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us.” The surprising part is the fact that, for complex tasks that require cognitive skills (i.e., thinking), money is NOT as good a motivator as most of us assume. I recommend everyone watches this video because its very important that we tweak the mid set and take the cap off. Old rules dont apply and its…

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