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RPK on The Eve of by-Elections

RPK was at Permatang Pauh last night to speak to the supporters. Rumours are that one of the organizers told him that technically he coudnt speak to the crowd as he was not covered under the police permit. You know what happens when you piss RPK off? Excerpts from his speech : He reminded the crowd of about 2,000-2,500 ( and the police ) that his grandfather, Raja Sir Tun Uda, was once the governor of Penang. “This is my…

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PKR Pix-Man Fiasco

There has been so much hype about the Guang Ming Daily Loh Hoay Hoon, 25 who was kicked, choked and hit on the head apparently by a group of PKR security personnel. Malaysiakini reported that The Malaysian Chinese Photojournalist Association (MCPA) is exploring the possibility of boycotting all future PKR events to protest the party’s attitude towards press photographers. Its pretty easy to jump to conclusion that it was the PKR security folks that harmed the photographer since it was…

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