$1 Per Year To Use WhatsApp

The creators of Whatsapp are going to be charging $1 per year to all Whatsapp users starting this year, sometime this year. While no date has been set, its in their plans to charge this nominal amount to for usage of this cross-platform messaging service. Not a big deal if you ask me, it’s a small fee to pay for the service which is probably saving you lots of money that you might have spent on those SMS/MMS. Source :…

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Why wasn’t Saiful Charged?

Today’s events has been nothing short of being absolutely interesting. I’m sure everyone has got one eyebrow raised and are wondering ..WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING Weird point #01 Situation – You and your friends go to a mall and decide to steal some sweets from the shelves. Suddenly you get struck by a bolt of crap and you decide to go tell the security guards that your friends stole the sweets. Since you told the security, they should frame…

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Thank You PDRM

I would like to thank the Polis Di-raja Malaysia for the massive jam’s it cause today on the federal highway. You not only blocked out a lane with a flurry of cops standing and doing absolutely nothing, you managed to cause a jam that made the federal highway look like a huge car park. Imagine the amount of wasted fuel that has been burnt this morning (at RM2.70 a litre) productive hours which you have made possible and money the…

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