How To Disable FB Lightbox Picture Viewer

The new Facebook photo’s in lightbox is a pain for me, it just feel right on the site. So there is a way to actually deactivate it and get back to the format that we are used too. How? Read on .. So if you are viewing a photo in Facebook and would like to switch to the old layout – where photos are displayed in thumbnail format and opens up as you click them, How?

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Classic Cars in Malaysia

I was listening in to BFM about classic cars in Malaysia. It was a very interesting chat with Robbie Krishnan, the MD of AMC Motor Inc (M) Sdn Bhd. Little did i know about the business in Malaysia and the perks that it offers. It is definitely a niche area in Malaysia where enthusiast of classics cars will take interest off and tells you about how to rate,buy,sell and all about owing a classic car in Malaysia. I went over…

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