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Brand Loyalty – Does It Exist?

Do you have the slightly older folks in your office telling to go and Xerox a letter for them? Or have you had your parents ask you to run to the grocer to go get some colgate? Brand loyalty was such a huge part of life at one point. It was so prevalent that we used to address certain products by a particular brand. As a kid growing up, i always wanted a pair of Levi jeans. Or a Nokia…

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Buy What You Need

The economy is going to the dumps and with cost of living sjy rocketing more and more people are finding it difficult to make ends meet. But why is prices going to the roof and what can we consumers do to try keep the prices low? A friend of mine sent me this good story that gives you a idea how you can help keep the price low and how everyone has a part to play. A man eats two…

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