LinkedIn Domain Expired?

This is a strange one? Looks like LinkedIn’s domain name might be expired . It’s really strange, i am getting emails from LinkedIn and when I click it I’m getting the below screenshot. I even tried accessing LinkedIn via Google and it shows a network error. Looks like someone messed up, Big Time!   Update The site is back up and running as normal now

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Maybank Boo Boo

Malaysia’s number one bank ,Maybank has a boo boo on their website. One would think that the website will be well maintained and audited before going live but my friend found a nice little typo. Check it out -> So do you have a CUUrent Account as well? 🙂

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Nuffnang Down?

Looks like the Nuffnang is down?! I tried to get in to check on my traffic for the day,14th July 2008 at 8.20pm ,this is what i got -> Error establishing a database connection Did you get the same thing? PS – Nuffnang is back up 🙂

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