How to Build a High Traffic Blog

Needs some tips on how to run a high traffic blog?  Tim Ferriss shares covers a wide range of topics, from posting frequency to blogging tools and community building. The cool thing is that most of the stuff is coming from the tests that Tim run over the years. After watching the video i realised that you need to get back to basics and look at why you post certain things where they are. Simple things like emails that you…

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The internet is filled with articles that have indicated how un-happy they are with the recent fuel price increase and who could blame them? That means since Abdullah Badawi became an elected Prime Minister in 2004, petrol has gone up by 97.1%, while diesel increased by a whopping 231% What puzzles me more is the fact that why are the people given a notice period of about 7-8hours to fill up or take the neccesary measures to have their wallets…

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