Top 10 Brands In 2009

The list of the top brands for 2009 is out! No big surpises from the 2008 list but saw the move by Google from last previous year’s 10th spot to the 7th spot. And a few up’s and down’s from the other big boys from the list. The list is compiled by Intrebrand 1. Coca-Cola    68,734 ($m) 2. IBM    60,211 ($m) 3. Microsoft    56,647 ($m) 4. GE    47,777 ($m) 5. Nokia    34,864 ($m) 6. McDonald’s    32,275 ($m) 7. Google    31,980…

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i3, i5, i7, Quad Core, Dual Core. How to Choose?

The new Intel processors go by brand new names. i3,i5,i7 ..some a single,some a dual or some even a quad core processor . When buying a desktop or laptop you are confronted with all these jargons but very often we end up buying something we absolutely don’t need! Found this article about what should buy for your usage. Read Article

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Boycott US?

There have been many calls for Malaysians to boycott US products and stop using them.Since that call came along there have been many jokes about why i was at work as i cant use my Dell made PC to work anymore. I cant even use a Mimos pc because there OS is American can and etc… Well, im not ecomonist but this is a sneak peak of what can happen if we start taking drastic measures like boycotting a product…

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