Crushed By Lift

Khairul Amir Azri Lani was killed after his head got pinned between an elevator and the elevator shaft while trying to escape from the elevator which had become stuck between the second and third floor of a flat at the Desa Tun Razak Public Housing Project This is horrible news that a child got killed while trying to escape from a broken down lift. To add to it, there was 17 others that witnessed this horrible scene. Khairul was stuck…

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Dolphin Dies After Tourist Lifts It To Take Picture

Irresponsible idiots! A bunch of tourists in China took photos with a dolphin at a beach in the southern Chinese province of Hainan. I dont understand how people can see a dolphin and decide that it would make a nice prop and decide to pick it up and take pictures. It would have been a totally different situation if it was with the presence of a professional who knew exactly what he was doing , with a trained dolphin. The…

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