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MP Calls For Ending Late Night Eating

Tasek Gelugor MP Shabudin Yahya has followed up a call to ban shisha with a call for the government to put an end to late night eateries and Malaysia’s late night eating habits as they’re jeopardising the rakyat’s health. This sounds like another stupid move, similar to the move by the Malacca state government’s move to close Jonker Walk . While he has a point that its not the most healthy situation by eating , not so healthy food is bad…

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Agents From Hell

Mamak restaurants are something of a pure Malaysian tradition.Everyone we know goes to a mamak and practically has become a part of our lives. I spend some time in a mamak during every working day to have my cup of coffee or tea. A few days ago i was having my evening tea and one of the workers of my regular mamak was a little free as there were few customers in the shop. If you too are like me,…

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