World Broadband Stats

We rely on broadband more and more everyday to give us access to networks and the internet more importantly. From dial up we have gone to broadband now. The average speed in Europe is 15Mbps, Japan has average of about 90Mbps, a far cry from the rest of the world .. Apparently UK have some ambitious plans to catch up by 2015 .. Hope Malaysia has some massive plans too! Below is a nice inforgraphic which gives you more insight…

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They Go Faster, We Get Expensive

So our broadband has been a rubbish for many years now but being Malaysians we try to go with whats available to us but when you see whats happening around us, i need to scream. Ok, what am i whinning about.. Have a look at the streamyx pricing. So the fastest speed offered is 4Mbps and its RM268 to get that kind of speed. Expensive? I definately think so, considering that the governemnt is pushing for broadband penetration, it looks…

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