Malaysia Wins Sea Games Gold

The last time Malaysia won the Sea Games gold medal for football was back in 1989. I was 10 years old when that happen but i clearly remembered watching the team celebrate the victory on tv. Fast Forward 20 years and it has happened again! Honestly the team played well and looked like a professional outfit under coach Rajagopal. What was refreshing is that the team constantly put the Vietnamese under preasure and pushed forward at every opportunity. The goal…

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Chong Wei Trips

It was a sad end to Malaysia’s hope of bagging the first Olympics gold medal when our men singles player Lee Chong Wei tripped on the final hurdle. Lee Chong Wei the world No 2 was brought down by the world No 1 21-12 , 21-8 with ease to bag the gold medal for China. I was very disappointed with the game because frankly Chong Wei didnt show up. He was playing was playing way below par and gave his…

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