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RPK on The Eve of by-Elections

RPK was at Permatang Pauh last night to speak to the supporters. Rumours are that one of the organizers told him that technically he coudnt speak to the crowd as he was not covered under the police permit. You know what happens when you piss RPK off? Excerpts from his speech : He reminded the crowd of about 2,000-2,500 ( and the police ) that his grandfather, Raja Sir Tun Uda, was once the governor of Penang. “This is my…

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Permatang Pauh Has Spoken!

The tussle to get Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the member of parliament for Permatang Pauh is over. At approximately 10.02pm the EC announced that Anwar Ibrahim has won the P44 seat with the below results : Anwar got 31,195 Arif Shah, 15,524 Hanafi, 92 Majority : 15,671 A landslide victory in my books for the defacto leader who now can become the leader for PKR, the leader for the opposition and the leader to push for Putrajaya. I…

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