Ignore Your Mobile Phone

Technology is great! I’m one who loves to be on top of the latest tech that the world has to offer and used to be first in line when adopting tech. As priorities change, i have come to realise that i didn’t have enough time to actually carry out the task that i set my self out to do on a given day. So i did a simple audit on stuff that i spend my time on and it hit…

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Glass That Roles Up Like Paper

Gorilla Glass has been a bit of a phenomenon. It has been used in various devices in recent times and now the makes of the Gorilla Glass have done it again and come up with the Willow Glass which again can change the landscape of what devices might look like in the new future. Corning, the maker the Willow glass says that it’s a flexible glass that can be used for mobile devices that bends, twists and rolls up without…

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