World Leaders on YouTube

Here’s something very cool, you can now ask a world leader a question via World View by YouTube. The channel will feature a certain leader and you have the opportunity to ask a question or vote for a question that you think should be asked. Very cool! Log on and ask your burning questions. How the world is bringing us closer to those who are willing to open up. Have you asked your question yet? Check it Out!

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#TanyaNajib Twitter Q&A

PM Najib ran #tanyaNajib hastag on Twitter and on Facebook to call Malaysians on the networks to ask him any questions they liked which he would later respond to in video’s. I didn’t miss out on the opportunity as well and asked some questions which i felt were important.But with that came heaps of not happy people who were releasing some steam, some were funny, some we attacking, some were insulting and some were very good questions. Watch PM’s responses

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Post Pics Twitter

Twitter is now Power Twitter? When you log in you have options to now post pictures which uses services from yfrog,tweetphoto,twitpic &twitgoo . All you need to do is indicate your favourite service provider and your done! Now my favourite service, you can now shorten your url from the web app. Easy! 🙂 The other enhancement is the mood option and the question of the day. These updates on the twitter web application should bring more usage of the twitter…

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Gmail Goggles Saves Your Job!

How many times have you felt depressed, gone out and had one too many drinks. Then you come home and go straight to your computer to send out that email you wouldn’t have done if you were sober?? Goggles can now save you your job, and your ex girlfriend who you cant stand to be back bugging you again… Gmail Labs today released an interesting feature to prevent you from sending mails that may you may regret later. It does…

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