Comments Oh Comments

Having a blog has its fun times, long time ago i wrote a posting to support a close friend of mine Logan who was chosen to take part in Cleo’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Naturally since he was a good friend, i decided to support him. Honestly i didnt matter if he won and im very sure he didnt get into it to win it but for the experience. So, what is Danny Yee Tuck Seng have got to do with…

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Bad News 07

The only consistent thing we have had lately is that when we open the papers, there is definately some bad news or rather! To be frank, when I open the paper somehow I have lost the “feel good” factor. I remember how i used to open the papers and read a piece of news and feel pretty grateful that I’m born in this part of the world and i rather not be anywhere else..Ask me that question today……. I really…

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