Deepavali 2010 : Raub, Pahang

This is my second year at Raub, Pahang. This is my wife’s hometown and I was looking forward to spending some time off the city. Some of things I noticed is that it’s getting hot here, as in the weather!! I remember it being much much cooler last year but this year, sheeesh! More and more development are happening; trees getting chopped hence the heat! (There was much much more that i saw other than the image above, sad thing…

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Deepavali 2008

For many years i celebrated Deepavali at KL. This year the drill was slightly different when i went to my better half’s hometown at Raub,Pahang. I was there for only a night but it would be nice to experience the festival with a twist of a “kampung feel” to it. Im not going to go into details of my experience because I’m sure if your from Malaysia, you would know exactly what celebrating a festival in your hometowns like but…

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