seat belt


Expiry Dates

Happy New Year once again to everyone. When a new year comes along, there are always new things that we have to get used too or embrace. From 2009 onwards, if you have passengers in your back seat, they need to buckle up! If thy don’t, you will definitely get yourself a nice little ticket which will further shave your bank balance in already weak times. So buckle up!! I was doing some cleaning at home and decided to do…

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Rear Seat Belts

From the 1st of January those of you who occupy the rear seats have got to start buckling up. No more warnings and mercy in the new year. I think in most countries, the best way to get people to do something which ultimately can benefit them is by passing a law. I think it is a good thing to maintain security of anyone that sits in the back seat of the car. Having said that its got to be…

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