How much sleep does one need? I have a major problem around how much sleep i get. I read so many articles about how some say you need 8 hours some 9 hours but for me if feels like a waste of time so i just sleep till i get up. Sometimes that could be as little as 5 hours and sometimes its about the recommended 8-9 hours (rare but happens). . I know how important sleep is, as important as nutrition…

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Vista : Turn Sleep Button To SHUT DOWN

Vista is like a pandora’s box, there are new things that you discover every single day if your hooked on to the guru’s who know how its done! Thanks to Digital Inspirations now i can turn off my Vista OS quickly withtou the hassle of the way every user has to turn off their Vista OS byt default. You see that button which under normal circumstances one would think is the button to turn off your pc, its a sleep…

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