Note To Self 8

Respect   We easily take this value for granted. How many times have you cursed a Bangladeshi? or a Indonesian? How many times have you heard your boss comparing you to a admin clerk when he/she is not happy with your work?  Not good! I make the mistake all the time (much less now) by disrespecting people. Everyone is in a particular place for a reason. You cant insult the guy building houses, if he doesnt are you going too?…

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Jaguh Kampung

If you are a regular on my blog, you surely know that im a supporter of our national badminton team. Personally i felt that this installment of the Thomas Cup, we had the best chance in a while to regain the throphy we last won in 1992 but after watching the team crash to Japan and barely beat the Danes, it makes me wonder if we have what it takes to crack it. A friend brought me to the attention…

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Socially Stalked

This is a post i did for the VanityShack 🙂 Are you a face book junkie? Its become a bit of a norm for most to log into face book as the first web site when  first web site as soon as you start up your pc. Updat ing your sta tus on what you did or what you plan to do or even what your thoughts are on cer tain issues. Then you browse around your friends pro­files to…

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Malaysia, Technology

Maxis Fb2Mobile

Maxis has introduced a cool update that will allow you to update your facebook status, update pictures via sms! It works like nicely and it doesn’t cost too much! Its like sending your regular sms. With data packages not exactly at affordable rates, this is a great alternative if you are interested to stay up-to-date with your social networks. All you need to do is install the fb aps to your facebook account and allow permission for the updates, save…

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