Important Safety Tips

We hear of all sorts horror stories on a daily basis these days. Everyone is a target and it good to take precautions and be safe rather than sorry. A friend shared this post on facebook and it is from local safety expert Captain Bala At the Car park: Do not walk towards your car. Walk towards the next car or the car opposite. Do lock your car immediately you get in and drive off ASAP. Please don’t check your…

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Jailed Because Of A Chicken

I was reading The Star Online and i saw a interesting article about how a chicken thief couldn’t recognize the chicken that he stole and got the court room giggling and how that thief pleaded guilty and for a lighter sentence as he had a wife and two young children to support and how he was poor and he only earned RM25 a day. The magistrate sentenced him to three months’ jail from Oct 10, the date he was caught…

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